Hammond in Suspense

There is a well known photo of the Philadelphia office of the Hammond Typewriter Company. It is a fascinating window into the past for a number of reasons, least of which is what’s on the left wall. A nearly complete display of a Hammond typewriter an “exploded” view. Each of its parts are laid out showing the complexity of the machine.

Texas artist John Peralta of Austin took this to an entirely new level.

Professor Fox’s Fantastic Writing Machine is a suspension installation like no other, offering a tremendous view of the Hammond typewriter like never before.

Professor Fox’s Hammond Multiplex before disassembly

John has specialized in creating beautiful installations of complex items in an “exploded” view. Here he took a 1913 Ideal Multiplex and carefully disassembled major components before hanging each by a thin filament. What we get is a unique perspective into a fascinating machine, allowing our imaginations to better assemble how it works in action.

The artist is no stranger to complex suspensions. He has previously created mesmerizing views of later-model typewriters, an Ericson Eiffel telephone, 1950s movie cameras, and much more.

Find him at www.johnperaltafineart.com and Instgram @johnperaltafineart