Note: There has been an issue with the contact form so if you reached out and have not heard back, please kindly send again to our email address below.

Have a Hammond typewriter or item of ephemera? We would love to hear about it! We can help determine year of manufacturer, care, and other historical information.

Please note: There is only one person who answers all of the emails so it might take a few days to hear back, but if you don’t hear back please do contact again.

Please read carefully.

We would be happy to provide you with our best understanding of what you have, and an estimated market value. While it would be great to have a museum dedicated to Hammond typewriters and buy all of them, alas we cannot, but we have ideas for how to sell it on your own.

After sending your message via the contact form, you will receive an automated email response. You can then respond to that email with photos of the machine.

Note: In order to make a full assessment we kindly ask for a photo taken from the front, from the top, rear, and from each side. It would also help to have photos of inside the lid, if available, and any information from receipts, etc. that you have.

Please include the serial number.

This helps us narrow down the date of manufacturing. The serial number for most Hammond’s is located on the left, rear-foot along the side. For Hammond #1, you’ll find the serial number under the right ribbon spool. Later models it may be found underneath the machine. If it is a remodeled machine, it might be found in the rear-right area on the upward facing part of the frame.