As the Hammond Typewriter Company grew, it allowed the company some flexibility to branch out into other markets. For example, the company began producing their own desks, one in particular based on a design by James B. Hammond himself. Certainly if you’re in the market for purchasing such a fine type writing machine, you’ll certainly be interested in the perfect desk for which to operate it from!

Typewriter Desks

Legend has it that the drop down feature was so that a person using the desk would have maximum leg room. Pretty clever! The owner of one of these desks contacted us and it was a thrill to connect them with a museum that was willing to take it off their hands. Stay tuned for updates on the restoration of that desk.

Typewriter Tables

Harder to find are the Hammond typewriter tables, as they tended to break and get discarded. Even if broken, we are interested in conserving it so please let us know if you have one, we would love the chance to see it.