It can be very difficult to repair a 100+ year old machine. Metal becomes brittle and warped, and parts can be very scarce. Never the less it is possible to keep a Hammond typewriter in good working order and still typing 120+ years later.

To help with that, this page will feature typewriter repair professionals who work on Hammond’s and other pre-1920 machines, as well as solutions for common issues. As this is a work in progress, please check back for updates and new solutions. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Repair Shops

Type Space – Contact Mark Naylor
Address: 2409 SE 49th Ave, Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 888-1925
You may also reach Mr. Naylor via Instragram, @naylor_typewriters

Repairing Hammond’s and Similar Machines

To properly repair a Hammond typewriter, or any pre-1920 machine, you will need a proper set of gunsmith tools. These are specially designed to engage with fragile screws. The best is sold by a little company called Chapman Manufacturing, as they are the only company in American that makes a typewriter-specific set. This is not a paid endorsement, just really love this company.

Solutions for Common Issues

Improve the type clarity and impression – If your type is too faint this may help.

Seized anvils


There is an official company repair manual, unfortunately an original is extremely rare, but the AntikeyChop offers a great reproduction for sale.