Contact us! We are happy to advise on your Hammond typewriter, value, care, and conservation, or any and all Hammond company ephemera. Please send a photo of the machine or item with your inquiry.

Our goal is preservation and making sure all things Hammond reach a good home, where it can be enjoyed by future generations. A lot depends on the value of a machine or an item of ephemera. For example, if the machine is a particular ubiquitous model such as the Multiplex, it might not command as much as an earlier machine such as the Number 2, of which there are less of them. Other factors such as the presence and condition of a case, the base wood or cabinet, keys (are they all there?), etc.

It wasn’t just typewriters where you’ll find the name Hammond Typewriter Company. The marketing department and sales were very clever in what they put their name on. Such as desks, oil bottles, and even the letters, receipts, and trinkets produced by the company in its day to day operations.

It’s all valuable to us. If we don’t purchase it, chances are we’ll know someone who will, please let us know!