James Bartlett Hammond

James Bartlett Hammond was born April 23rd, 1839 in Boston Massachusetts. He was a journalist, a teacher, inventor, and keen businessman who remains one of the top four pioneers of the typewriter. You can learn more of the usual facts on his Wikipedia page, but there was so much more to man that meets the eye. Our aim here is to give you a better sense of the man and his inventions, to bring color and life to a great man.

Brief Facts

Attended Phillips Academy Andover

Graduated from the University of Vermont, 1864 Phi Beta Kappa

Civil War Correspondent

First Lieutenant in the Union Army

School teacher in New York City, Boston, and Dedham, Massachusetts

Began designing his typewriter around the age of 30

Received his first patent in 1879

Designed his own yacht – twice – and sailed all over the world.

Gave generously to museums and charity.

Steadfastly held control of his company till his death in 1913