Gift of the Hammond

What better gift than to give someone a Hammond typewriter? James B. Hammond gave machines to many people and institutions, but only one survives.

King Alfonso XIII

James Hammond gifted an ornate gold Hammond Multiplex to the King of Spain, Alfonso XIII. Mundo Gráfico magazine (June 3, 1914) described it as “made of gold, specially for King Alfonso XIII” and said that it was “locked up in a precious mahogany box with mother-of-pearl and fine inlaid woods….”

The King also had an Ideal Hammond No. 12 which King Juan Carlos I gifted to the national historical trust of Spain. It now resides in the palace in Madrid, and the gold Multiplex is in the private collection of the King.

Chinese Premier

What may have been quite a show of engineering, in 1896 when Premier Li Hung Chang of China visited New York City, Hammond wrote a letter offering to give him the gift of a Hammond typewriter that could write in oriental languages.

The Premier’s Secretary writing on his behalf graciously accepted!

The Clough Hammond

In what may be the only remaining Hammond gift, Jefferson Moody Clough was given an engraved Model 1 Universal, the first year of its production, as a gift for Christmas in 1891.

It is not known why he was given this gift, but given what is known, it’s likely that Clough assisted Hammond in redesigning the placement of the type keys, so that they could be straight or “universal” as opposed to curved or “Ideal.”

Engraved on the crown is Mr. J. M. Clough – With the Compliments of the Inventor – XMAS 1890.