The Hammond Typewriter Company would have done well to have a blog. I sometimes wonder what it was like to work in that factory, to be the head of marketing, the secretary, or just the kid that shines shoes out front. The best I can get are photos of the factory, sales offices, etc. Like this photo…

Can you name all the machines in the window?

The well dressed gentleman standing on the left is Mr. Howard Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was a salesman for the Hammond Typewriter Company out of the Detroit, and then later the Philadelphia branch which once stood at 208 South 11th St.

Mr. Reynolds would continue with the company until 1920, then move to Columbus to raise a family, but the company continued.

This blog will be a modest effort at writing about the Hammond company, examining some of the intricacies of the machines, and demystify how it all was.

Thank you to the Reynolds family for sharing their photos, letters, and momentos from his time at the company.

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