Display Type Machine

Recently I acquired a unique Hammond universal shuttle called a Display type. Strangely this was the first I had ever heard of the display type, but even more so that there is a Hammond Display Type Machine. Here the shuttle is listed in an advertisement for what appears to be the No. 2, ca. 1902.

Here it is listed in a in early shuttle guide, specifically mentioning the machine.

The shuttle is quite large. It’s tough to judge the perspective of how much larger the display type is from the standard. Notice the two type select holes.

Display shuttle in front of standard size

And here you can see in perspective to other shuttles the company has produced, including the fact that it fits nicely into the box for a split shuttle. Next to the split shuttle really gives perspective to its size. The opening for the shuttle is not that large, and brings to the imagination a larger machine entirely.

Display in front of a split shuttle in the split shuttle box.

Although.. it’s technically possible that the display type shuttle could fit on a standard Hammond anvil, it was not found to be possible with any of the anvils and machines in this writers extensive Hammond collection. The anvil would need to be larger in diameter but about the same height.

Attempting to use a Multiplex anvil with part of its top ring missing, however it does not fit..

So far the anvil and machine for the display type shuttle has not been found. It first appears in the literature around 1902, which matches with the advertisements. The two mounting holes for the type select is quite puzzling. Are they for a machine with two type selects; does the operator merely switch between the two; or a potential two-post type select in a larger anvil?

Hopefully one will show up eventually.